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10 Reasons why you should Renovate your Bathroom

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

A bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and that often makes it the room most in need of renovation. Heavy traffic and water can both take a toll on the fixtures, plumbing, flooring, and walls. A bathroom that’s too small, poorly designed, or hopelessly out of date can also be a problem, especially if it’s your only bathroom.

There a many good reasons to renovate your bathroom, including:

1. To increase your home’s value

If selling is in your future, a remodeled bathroom is a great selling point. A bathroom remodel is also the upgrade most likely to increase your home value. In most markets, you’ll recover much of or even all of your investment.

2. To improve energy efficiency

A bathroom is a good place to increase your home’s energy efficiency. You can save energy and money by upgrading to a water-saving shower head, faucet, and toilet, LED or CFL lights, and more efficient vent fan.

3. To improve function

If you frequently look at your bathroom and wish for more storage, a better layout, or maybe a second sink, a remodel might be in your future. A remodel can improve the function of your space.

4. To save money

An older home may be less efficient overall. You may save energy and money replacing old windows and leaking fixtures, installing water-saving devices, and upgrading to an on-demand water heater.

5. To expand

Enlarging and expanding an existing bathroom may be a good choice if you have little space or a tight budget. Popular upgrades are adding a shower to a half-bath or a tub to an existing shower.

6. For safety

People often need a bathroom renovation for safety and accessibility as they age or if an older relative is moving in. Some senior-friendly additions include grab bars, a chair-height toilet, non-slip flooring, brighter lighting, and a walk-in tub.

7. A style update

A common reason for remodeling the bathroom is to update fixtures and décor that are past their prime or that don’t reflect your taste. A stylish bathroom is also a good selling point.

8. To add a bathroom

As families grow, their needs change. Adding another bathroom is a great way to address growing pains without buying a larger home. Many people choose to add a bathroom to a floor that doesn’t have one or to create a master suite.

9. Plumbing problems

If your bathroom had a leak, you might need to remove water-damaged flooring and walls or replace a tub or toilet. Many people make the best of a bad situation by renovating the entire bathroom.

10. Mold and mildew

Water leaks and poor ventilation can make a bathroom a welcome home to mold and mildew growth, which can cause health problems. A remodel may be necessary to rid your home of mold and mildew.

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